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Full Version: Intervol 2008
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Thanks to the generous assistance:
The InterVol’s Friends Across Borders (FAB) and the volunteer efforts of students from Aquinas Institute and the ViaHealth IT department, the Scouts of Belize now have a fully established functional computer lab. On Sunday May 21, some fifteen computers, 35 MM and digital cameras, stationery and school supplies along with other equipment were handed over to the Scouts of Belize at Scout Headquarters at a brief but meaningful ceremony attended by Dr. Ralph Pennino, MD Founder and President of InterVol and Jaime Barclay, FAB Director.

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Immediately following the presentation, four students from Rochester who are part of InterVol’s working team in Belize conducted two computer-training sessions for member Scouts.

InterVol is a non-profit organization based in Rochester, New York that recovers and ships unused medical supplies to underserved parts of the world. In addition to the shipment of medical supplies they also coordinate and send teams of medical volunteers to rural areas in countries where medical services are most needed. Friends Across Borders (FAB) was introduced in 2005 to form community collaboration between diverse groups in the Rochester area and abroad.

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The Scout computer lab will be used for after-school tutoring and a community resource center. The Scout Association of Belize currently serves over 2500 boys and girls ages 7 - 21 throughout the entire country.