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Full Version: Belize Independence Parade 2008
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Independence Parade

[Image: independence_2008_01.jpg]

The Belize City Council once again calls on you to join us in this year's 10th September Parade celebrating the 210th Anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye.

[Image: independence_2008_02.jpg]

[Image: independence_2008_03.jpg]

Having experienced the threat of two major hurricanes and a dangerous tropical wave in the past two weeks, we have even more to reflect on and to celebrate this Tenth as we remember our brave forefathers and our brothers and sisters who died in the hurricane of 1931. Let us once become one as we take to the streets and celebrate proudly in 2007.

[Image: independence_2008_04.jpg]

[Image: independence_2008_05.jpg]

[Image: independence_2008_06.jpg]

We look forward to the participation of the whole Belize District Scouts' Association.

Thanks again for being ready and for responding to the call for patriotic minds.


Miss Zenaida Moya
Mayor of Belize City