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Full Version: JOTA & JOTI 2008
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Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA) &
Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI)
October 18 & 19, 2008

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JOTA & JOTI 2008
Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 October
Scoutlink Computer Room from The Scout Association in Belize City
Scout Leaders, Assistant Scout Leaders & Scouts

$5.00 per participant which will include the use of a computer and short wave radio for two hours, Joti/Jota badge, certificate of participation to Scout Unit, light refreshment.

Be a registered Scout for the current year, show 2008 Scout ID on day of event and wear a class A uniform. Scouts who do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to participate.

Registration Deadline:
October 15 at 5:00 p.m. (17:00) at Scout Headquarters unless other arrangements are made with the organizer.

Contribute to the educational development of young members of The Scout Association through their participation in the JOTA and JOTI events that have worldwide participation.

registration online for your individual or scout group participation:


Share the same basic principles of the Scout Movement
Be conscious that we are members of an international Movement
Use of different methods of communication
Make use of the programs and computer equipment
Have the opportunity to establish dialogue with Scouts from other countries
Provide a medium of effective communication between young people
Share ideas, make new friends, and agree to exchange stamps, badges etc.
Learn about the Internet and related technology
Initiate projects of cooperation between Scout Groups from different countries
Share experiences on contacts established as a result of the event
Participate in an international event without leaving your country

Participation Process:
Each Unit or Group will participate for two hours. The time allotted will be pre-agreed upon by the participating Unit or Group, during which time the use of the short wave communication radios and computers will be made available.

The center will make available 24 computers and will be allotted for use to those Units and Groups who register in accordance with the prescribed procedures and who pay the registration fee by the proposed deadline. The Unit or Group will be obliged to arrive 15 minutes before their allotted time. Failure to comply may result in loss of turn to participate.

Saturday 18 Saturday & Sunday Sunday 19

Other Participants: Units, Groups or other members that have access to computers or their own computer and wish to participate may do so on their own. The only requirement will be that a written report be sent via email to be incorporated in the national report.

[Image: jota_joti_2008_02.gif]

It is important that the technical information be requested in advance from the national organizer as to how the Jamboree functions, you will be participated for your self at home, need to download a software program called SLmIRC to connect with other scouts around the world.

Follow Netiquette, which is the norms of good behavior on the Internet:
It is a courtesy to acknowledge that you have received a message.
If you agree to send information or exchange badges or other collectibles, keep your word.
Think before you write a message and don’t use language that may offend others.
Be cautious in giving your telephone number, house address etc. on the Internet, instead, give the Group or Unit’s address.
The only addresses that you should give are the ones from the Association or your Leader’s or the Group or Unit’s registered address. If you have a personal email you can give that as well.
Do not give full details or personal details unless you know or have been corresponding with any one individual for a period of time.

Through The Scout Association you can receive any type of packages or Scout memorabilia that someone from abroad would like to send to you, including email messages if you do not have a personal computer or email address. Or if you prefer to have your own email account you can request information from your Leader who we are confident can assist you in that area. Talk to your Leader for more information on this.

Do not forget to give the following information if you will have something sent to you through The Scout Association:

Alejandro Tovar - National Jamborees Organizer

Name: [Your Name]
The Scout Association of Belize
P.O. Box 431, Belize City, Be;ize

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For information about the sites to be used on the program days:
Visit for the rules and orientation:
Visit for more details about how to use the IRC program