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Full Version: Cayo Extreme Challenge 2008 Review
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Scouts from the Cayo, Orange Walk and Corozal Districts met in the hilly town of San Ignacio over the weekend of April 19 & 20 to participate in the Cayo Extreme Challenge 2008.

The over 300 participants gathered at the Macal River Park for the opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. National Scout Executive Hilberto Riverol welcomed the participants to the event and challenged each one to live up to the rules of the event but at the same time to enjoy all the activities that were carefully planned to enable each participant to have an unforgettable experience through various planned activities that will be Creative, Useful, Rewarding, Attractive and Educational.

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_05.gif]
Scouts at attention during the playing of the Belize National Anthem

The Program of Activities included:
Tour of Nabitunich Farm and Resort

Participants were given a tour of the resort where they learned about the flora and fauna in the area and how it contributes to keeping a healthy and clean environment. The Scouts then had an opportunity to do horseback riding.

Tour of Butterfly Museum and Canoeing at Chaa Creek

Scouts were able to view hundreds of butterflies and enjoy nature at its best. When the tour of the butterfly museum was completed the Scouts canoed from Chaa Creek all the way to San Ignacio on the Macal River.

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_06.gif]
Scouts canoeing on the Macal River

Quest of El Pilar
This activity involved Scouts and Venture Scouts on a 16-mile hike from San Ignacio Town to El Pilar archeological site. During the hike Scouts had to identify the various trees leading to El Pilar and were involved in a number of activities that tested their Scouting skills. Once on the site the Scouts were instructed on the history of our Mayan culture and had the opportunity to explore the area.

Cub Scout Activity
Cub Scouts who are ages 7 through 11 went on a tour of Spanish Lookout - a Mennonite community about 6 miles from San Ignacio. Cub Scouts had the opportunity to tour various processing plants and learn about the history and culture of this progressive community.

Entertainment Night
The night was full of entertainment; Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venture Scouts provided a number of entertaining programs that went over the scheduled time. Songs, recitals, skits and dances were all part of the night’s activity.

The program culminated on Sunday morning with a Scouts Own, followed by a parade through the main streets of San Ignacio Town.

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_07.gif]
Scouts on Parade during Sunday’s Activity

The weekend event Cayo Extreme Challenge 2008 was organized by the Cayo District Scout Assembly under the chairmanship of Scout Leader Oscar Garcia from the 7th Cayo Sacred Heart College Scout Group. He was assisted by a core of Leaders, parents, and supporters of Scouts which made the event a big success.