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Full Version: Cayo Extreme Challenge 2008
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The Cayo District Scout Assembly and Scouts from the Cayo District cordially invite Scouts from around the country to the Cayo Extreme Challenge 2008.

This event has been carefully planned to enable each participant to have an unforgettable experience through various planned activities that will be Creative, Useful, Rewarding, Attractive and educational.

When: This event will take place on April 19 & 20, 2008
For Whom: Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venture Scouts
Cost: The fee is set at $10.00 per participant

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_01.gif]

Where and When to Arrive: The CAYO EXTREME CHALLENGE 2008 will be held in the hilly town of San Ignacio. Participants must be at the Macal River Park for the opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday April 19.

The Program of Activities:

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_02.gif]

#1 Tour of Nabitunich include:
Tour to Nabitunich farm and resort
Participants will be able to experience the processing of cheese and make their own cheese, Participants will be given a tour of the resort and do horseback riding
Nabitunich Resort is only 10 minutes drive on the Benque Viejo road
Participants who choose this activity will travel on their own transportation.

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_01.gif]

#2 Tour of Butterfly Museum and Canoeing at Chaa Creek
This activity will only cater for those participants who will do this activity for the first time Participants who will choose this activity will travel on their own transportation.

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_03.gif]

#3 Quest of El Pilar - Cayo Extreme Challenge
This activity will involve Scouts and Venture Scouts on an 8-mile hike to El Pilar archeological site.
This activity will be educational as the participants will discover and learn the history of our Mayan culture
As they embark on their quest the participants will do a number of activities that will test their Scout skill and endurance
Transportation to and from the starting point will be provided. El Pilar is situated 3 miles from San Ignacio in the village of Bullet Tree Falls.

[Image: cayo_extreme_challenge_2008_04.gif]

Cub Scout Activity:
Cub Scouts will be going on a tour of Spanish Lookout - a Mennonite community about 6 miles from San Ignacio
Cub Scouts will tour various processing plants and learn about the history and culture of this progressive community
Transportation for this activity will be provided

Other Activities:
Ecumenical Service and parade (Class A uniform and Group flags and banners are required for parade) to commemorate St. George’s Day for Sunday April 20
Entertainment night for Saturday April 19
Fire engine water splash

All participating Scouts must bring their own tents
All participating Scouts must bring their own eating utensils
At least one Scout Leader must accompany their Scouts in the activities

Deadline for registration is Wednesday April 16 at 5:00 p.m. Scout Leaders must inform number of participants and adults attending

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