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Full Version: Baron Bliss Day 2008 Review
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Monday March 10th was celebrated as Baron Bliss Day 2008.

Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venture Scouts and adult Leaders form 1st Belize Holy Redeemer, 8th Belize St. Joseph and 9th Belize St. Ignatius Scout groups participated in the Guard of Honor mounted in connection with the Wreath Laying Ceremony on the tomb of Baron Bliss.

[Image: baron_bliss_04.jpg]

Once there, the Scouts in formation awaited the arrival of the dignitaries and of the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young who is also the Patron of Scouts in Belize.

Upon the arrival of his Excellency the Governor General, the Parade was brought to attention and the Belize National Anthem was played. The Scouts looked smart in their uniforms while saluting during the playing of the anthem.

[Image: baron_bliss_05.jpg]

Immediately after, the Governor General conducted the inspection of the Guard of Honor and while going through the ranks of the Scouts he graciously stopped and spoke to a few Scouts. During this period a heavy shower came but despite this the Scouts remained at attention in their ranks.

[Image: baron_bliss_06.jpg]

Following the inspection, a tribute to Baron Bliss was read and shortly after the Governor General departed. Scouts once again smartly saluted during his departure.

Chief Scout Dr. Erasmo Franklin also attended the ceremony and delivered a short address to the Scouts thanking them for coming out despite the inclement weather.

[Image: baron_bliss_07.jpg]

After the ceremony, the Scouts marched back to Holy Redeemer School grounds where they were treated with a glass of soft drink and a treat bag.

Baron Bliss has been termed as Belize’s biggest benefactor. He has been termed as a great humanist, a man of vision, a remarkable nobleman: and a Judge Rowlatt of the King’s Bench of the High Court of Justice, on the 11th March, 1929 described him as, a very remarkable and unfortunate man, the latter part of whose life was spent under sad and unusual circumstances. Yet Baron Bliss stated in his will, I have enjoyed my life, never experiencing an unhappy day. I hope to die happy.