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Full Version: Scout Week 2008
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Nephtali Palma - National Program Commissioner
Scout Week 2008
Program Guide & Scout Fair Information

Enclosed is the Scout Week 2008 program guide & Scout Fair Information. This program is to serve as a guide as you develop your program for the week but you are also encouraged to organize and participate in as many of the activities planned for the week.

Scout Week is held every year commemorating the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, the Founder of the Scout Movement. This year we are celebrating the week from February 17 - 24.

The theme for this year’s Scout Week is Scouting - Values for life. Let us all make Scout Week a successful one.

Please also take note of the National Scout Fair scheduled for Saturday February 23 & 24. This event will be held in the village of San Narciso in the Corozal District and Scouts from all other districts are invited to attend. An information sheet is attached to assist you in planning your participation. You are, of course, encouraged to prepare properly by planning your participation in advance to ensure a memorable experience to all the participating Scouts.

Looking forward to a fun and exciting Scout Week 2008 and weekend in San Narciso with all of you and best wishes for a happy and enjoyable Scout Week 2008.

SCOUT WEEK 2008 - Commemorating the birthday of Lord Baden- Powell, the Founder of the Scout Movement

February 17 - 24
Theme: Scouting - Values for Life

Sunday February 17
* Official Opening of Scout Week - Dr. Erasmo Franklin, Chief Scout (radio and television).
* Church Parades by Districts - To create awareness of Scouting and highlight Scout Week.

Monday February 18
* Awareness Day - Leaders in each area where a radio or television station is available should make arrangements to be on the morning program to talk about Scouting and program for the week so as to create a wider awareness of our Mission and how it is achieved.

Tuesday February 19
* Community Service - A project (tree-planting, clean up, painting, etc.) should be conducted in each area where Scouts are active - school/community. Please notify H.Q. for coverage on daily news.

Wednesday February 20
* Community Entertainment Evening - Cub Packs, Scout Units and Venture Scout Units provide short but meaningful entertainment in Children’s Ward at Hospital, Children’s Home, Home for the Elderly, etc. (Activities should be coordinated at district level).

Thursday February 21
* Open Day - Open for whatever program each district would like to organize.

Friday February 22
* Founder’s Day and Uniform Awareness Day - Everyone wear their uniforms proudly to work or school as a show of equality and strength in one world brotherhood. (Leaders should make prior arrangements with school principals).

Saturday February 23
* Scout Fair organized by the Corozal District Scout Assembly
(See the program suggested).

Sunday February 24
* Scouts Own Service in San Narciso Village. Following the Service, visit and shopping in the Corozal Free Zone.