Cub Scout Camp was held from July 1 - 5, at Camp Oakley, the national camping grounds of the Scout Association.

 first activity - blind journey

             Blind journey activity


The camp was directed by Judith Reyes Cub Scout Leader from the 18th Burrell Boom Scout Group and was assisted by a group of qualified adult Leaders and Venture Scouts.  Also forming part of the team was a group of first aiders from the First Aid Team (FAT). 

 camp director - judith reyes

Judith Reyes - Camp Director

The program entailed activities that allowed Cub Scouts to experience the freedom of life in the Jungle patterned off the New Cub Scout Manual. Leaders and parents were able to assist Cub Scouts to explore the world of Creativity like Kaa, use their better Judgment like Baloo and Socialize with freedom like Rikki-tikki-tavi. We were able to also guide the children in devotion to meet their spiritual needs. Activities included a blind journey, obstacle course, arts and crafts, swimming and sports, games, and an environmental session to bring awareness of nature by Pact personnel. The Cubs Scouts also learned to pitch a tent and practiced pitching their own. They were able to earn two proficiency badges: Entertainment and Camping.

 tent pitching is the first item on the camp program

Tent pitching, one of the first activities at camp


pitching tent on first day of camp

                How does this work

in time of need a helping hand is welcomed

A helping hand is welcomed in time of need

the fun finally started

         Let the fun begin

The highlight of the program was Carnival Day.  This day was set aside and gave each participant an opportunity to construct his or her costume for the day.  The level of creativity was high and soon after completing their costumes, the Cub Scouts had the opportunity to show-off during a parade inside the camping grounds.  Despite the rains that poured on this day, it proved to be lots of fun for the participants.

 lets learn about first-aid

FAT team presnting session on First-Aid

sports day - lets get ready

   Getting ready on sports day

Other activities during the five day camp included entertainment in the form of skits, poems and songs for the Cubs by the Venture Group and by the Cubs themselves, and a movie night, hiking to Burrell Boom for a Fair hosted by the Venture Scouts of Burrell Boom and indoor Camp out. On the last day they went on a field trip to Altun Ha Ruins.

sports day activity - sack vollyball

Sack vollyball - popular Scout game

The Cub Scouts were able to practice their Grand Howl daily and it was an integral part of their warm and memorable closing ceremony of the Camp.

presentation of certificates at end of camp

Recognition at end of camp

staff members also got recognized

Staff members also get recognition

we love you akela jersha

   We love Akela Jersha

group of cubbies