In October of 2009 The Scout Association launched its first phase of a recycle project.  This was made possible with the kind assistance of the following NGOs and businesses:

  • Protected Areas Conservation Trust
  • Belize Audubon Society
  • Bowen & Bowen Ltd.
  • Caribbean Paper Products
  • BRC Printing

The project included the following activities:

  • The placement of dirt bins in communities near Protected Reserves
  • Planting and caring for a Mahogany tree until maturity
  • Participate in the National Beach and Riverways Clean-up 2009
  • Collect 500 Coca Cola plastic bottles
  • Collect 30 lbs paper
  • Collect 30 lbs aluminum

corozal scouts proud of their committment to the environment

Proud Corozal Scouts Identifying with a cleaner environment

After months of activities and Scouts and Leaders collecting recyclables, the first phase of the project came to a close.

As at April 24, 2010 the following recyclable items were collected:

  • 5,124 lbs of paper
  • 787.5 lbs of aluminum
  • 11,921 Coca Cola plastic bottles

The project which initially targeted 500 Scouts as part of the first phase was unable to meet its target but with as much enthusiasm with which the project started the Scouts and Leaders that met the requirements were recognized at a special ceremony held on June 10, 2010.

Guests and Scouts gathered for awards ceremony

The awards ceremony took place in the conference room of The Scout Association located at the Belize City Center in front of a packed room of Scouts, parents and invited guests.

The program began with the singing of the National Anthem by all followed by the Scout prayer led by Phaedra Mohammed-Ali.  National Program Director, Nephtali Palm delivered the welcome address and this was closely followed with the introduction of the sponsors present.

phadra delivering the welcome address

   Phadra Mohammed-Ali delivering the welcome address

The presentation of awards followed which was conducted by the President of The Scout Association Ramiro Duran. Sponsors representatives assisted with the awards presentation.

president presenting certificate of award

President Duran presenting certificate of award

Following the awards presentation to the Scouts, the Sponsors were then presented with a recognition plaque as a token of appreciation for partnering with the Association in this particular recycle project.

recognition plaque presnted to audbon society

Recognizing the Belize Audubon Society 

The next award ceremony for Scouts who have now completed the requirements or will complete it within the next month is scheduled for October 2010

mr. nicholas pollard

Nicholas Pollard addressing gathering

The vote of thanks was delivered by National Scout Commissioner, Patrick Thompson.  He thanked everyone for coming to the ceremony but more particularly for participating in the project.  He reminded those present that as Scouts we are proud to participate in this type of project.  He said that it is our duty to safeguard and protect our environment; by putting into practice what we learn as Scouts we will contribute in a positive way towards a healthy environment in which all Belizeans can live.

national scout commissioner delivering the vote of thanks

Commissioner Patrick Thompson delivering vote of thanks

Following the ceremony everyone present was invited to light drinks and snacks.