It was a wet, rainy morning as we arrived in Corozal Town for the official Investiture Ceremony of the 6th Corozal Methodist Scout Unit.  It was evident as we stepped into the school yard that as true Scouts, the new Scout Unit was prepared and had made alternative arrangements to have the ceremony indoors.

arrival of chief scout and other officials from national

By this time the invited guests and parents started arriving and were ushered into the church where the historic ceremony would be held.

With some delay because of the rain but with much vigor and excitement, the Master of Ceremonies announced the beginning of the official ceremony and called upon the Principal Mrs. Lucy Dougal to deliver the welcome address.  The invocation followed, delivered by Rev. Kofia Nials.

invocation at begining of ceremony

At this point, Field Executive Orlando Garcia took over the program and called the two Leaders of the Scout Unit to come forward to be invested.  Messrs. Luis Hernandez and Edwardo Monima affirmed the Scout Promise and on their honor pledged to live by the principles of Scouting and the Scout Promise and Law.

The Senior Patrol Leader followed and she swiftly marched the members Patrol by Patrol to the front of the gathering where they said their Scout Promise and pledged to live by this special code of living and the Scout Law.

scouts affirming the scout promise and law

  Scouts Affirming the Scout Promise

The Scout promise says:  I promise to do my best, love GOD, serve my country and be true to the Scout Law.

Scout Leader for the Unit, Luis Hernandez welcomed each member into the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting while the parents placed the Unit scarf on their loved one.  Membership badges (the World Scout emblem) was placed on the uniforms by both Leaders.

scouts recieving the membership badge from scout leader

Chief Scout Dr. Erasmo Franklin delivered the keynote address.  In his short but meaningful speech he said that Scouting aims to develop young people into responsible individuals by participating in a wide range of educational outdoor activities guided by the principles imbued in the Promise and Law of Scouts.  He congratulated the new members for voluntarily accepting to become Scouts and thanked the Leaders for taking the challenge to lead the Unit.  He then urged the parents to support the Leaders so that their job of leading the Unit becomes easier.  He also thanked Principal of the school Mrs. Lucy Dougal for sponsoring the Scout Unit in her school.  Dr. Franklin ended his presentation by reminding everyone about the important role that Scouting plays in our communities and emphasized that Scouts are creating a better world.

Following the ceremony Scouts and guests alike were treated to delicious snacks.

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