In keeping with the belief that Scouts should pay more attention in safeguarding and protecting our Belizean environment, and as part of their Scout Week of activities, Scouts and Venture Scouts from the 18th Belize Burrell Boom Scout Unit undertook the challenge of planting a number of trees at Camp Oakley, the national training and camping grounds of The Scout Association and the tedious task of cleaning the heap of trash that had accumulated over time at the junction of the Burrell Boom road and the Northern Highway.
                      Front view of polluted bus stop area
"It’s a part of our responsibility to do projects like this", commented Venture Scout Robert Escobar, a member of the Burrell Boom Scout Unit. And it is not as difficult as it seems to undertake projects like this. All it takes is a serious commitment from the members of the Unit and the support of the adult Leaders and parents since it’s a joint effort which requires tools and transportation, among other things.
                     Garbage that have accumulated over time at bus stop
"It gives a sense of accomplishment once the work is completed", he said "and we the Venture Scouts from Burrell Boom are proud of our contribution even if it’s in a small way, but we know we are contributing in a positive way in preserving our environment. Also, by doing projects of this nature, we believe that we are taking a positive step towards increasing Belizeans’ consciousness of the need to be careful with our environment", he concluded.
                                             Venture Scouts and Leaders taking action
The 18th Belize Burrell Boom Scout Unit is a Section of the 18th Belize Scout Group which is comprised of a Cub Scout Pack which caters for boys and girls ages 7 through 11, a Scout Unit for boys and girls ages 11 through 15 and the Venture Scout Unit for young people ages 15 through 21.
  Loads of garbage collected at bus stop by Burrell Boom/Northern Road junction
The Group is headed by Group Scout Leader Teresita Oliver along with other volunteer Leaders and is sponsored by the Burrell Boom Methodist School.
                                 Happy Venture Scouts after cleanup
It doesn't matter how poor you are, you can at least be clean and tidy.  It doesn't cost you any more.