The Stann Creek District Scout Assembly organized an Information Course for six (6) new adult volunteer Leaders in the Stann Creek District. 
The participants received first hand information needed to efficiently and effectively organize and run a Scout Unit.
                         Ice Breaker Exercise at Begining of Course 
The Course content was centered on the Educational Proposal of the Scout Movement, Information on the history, Definitions and fundamental conviction, Principles of the Scout Movement, General concepts of the Scout method, Structure and role of adult Leaders in the Scout Movement and in the organization, the Scout program: System of objectives and activities and the Profile of young persons on leaving the Scout Movement.
                      Director of Training Orlando Garcia Presenting 
A team of Trainers from the Capacity Building Team headed by Director of Training Orlando Garcia conducted the eight-hour Course at Epworth Methodist School.
         Nephtali Palma - Director of Program Conducting Session