Activity: The National Program Commission will be conducting a Unit Council Course from January 22 - 24, 2010.

Where: Camp Oakley, the national training and camping grounds for The Scout Association of Belize in Burrell Boom Village.

Time: The Course will start at 7:00 p.m. on Friday January 22 and will conclude at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday 24.


Who Can Attend: This Course is specially designed for current 2010 registered members of Unit Councils of all Scout Units; this means all Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders. (Unit Council Members that have participated in a similar Course may attend if so desired).

Registration Deadline: Tuesday January 19, 2009 by 5:00 p.m. Please adhere to the deadline as only registered participants will be allowed to attend.

Objectives: The Course is designed to give firsthand experience in the areas of the Educational Objectives and activities, Four Progress Stages, the Scout Unit, Patrol and Unit Council and Group Life, Program Cycle.

Symbolic Framework for Event: “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN”

Progressive Training: Track & Trail - Adventure stage Course & Traverse - Exploration stage Proficiency Badge Scheme

Cost: $20.00 is being charged for this Course to cover the cost of the Unit Council Manual (one per participant), materials, meals that will be prepared by Patrols starting with breakfast on Saturday to a packed lunch on Sunday.

Snacks will also be available during breaks. Participants are to provide their own packed supper for Friday night.

Transportation: Unit Councils are responsible for their transportation to and from the Course.

Assembly Point: Participants should assemble by the Methodist School in Burrell Boom no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday.

Instructions will be given at this point and all Unit Councils should come prepared to hike to the training base along with all their personal belongings. A VEHICLE MAY BE MADE AVAILABLE TO TRANSPORT HEAVY PATROL EQUIPMENT.

Uniforms: Class A and B are required. No uniform, no participation. (NO UNIFORM WILL BE SENT HOME.

Leaders please ensure that your Scouts have their complete uniform.

Equipment needed: All Unit Councils must bring along the necessary camping equipment: first aid box, tents, tarps, cooking utensils including portable stove and small butane tank, and personal camping equipment, etc.

(Remember that each Unit Council will be hiking with their equipment if no transportation is available).

Each Unit Council should arrive in formation with complete Class “A” uniform for the opening ceremony. Class “A” uniform will also be used for the closing ceremony. After the hike participants should wear Class “B” uniform.

The Scout Leader, who will monitor the Patrol, will participate alongside his Patrol. Upon arrival at the campsite, the Leader in charge will direct all Unit Councils to their respective campsites.

Parents will not be allowed in the campsite areas during the training Course and are discouraged from taking food to the course participants during the course.

Recognition: Unit Councils in attendance will receive a certificate of participation. Each participant will receive the Trained Emblem and certificate.

An award will be given to the Unit Council with the highest Scout Spirit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to have a successful camp it is necessary to have the participation of Scout Leaders from each Group present. Your presence is important so that you have a clear understanding of your role as the Leader of the Unit.