The Scout Association of Belize RECYCLE PROJECT:

A joint project of the Scout Association of Belize, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, the Belize Audubon Society, Caribbean Paper Products and Bowen & Bowen ltd.


The Scout Association of Belize believes that more attention must be paid to the safeguarding and protection of our Belizean environment and that tremendous opportunity exists to engage Belizean Scouts as agents and guardians of our environment.

The Scout Association also believes that by teaching Scouts about the fragility and vital importance of the environment and by putting into practice what they learn, we will be taking a positive step towards a healthy environment for all Belizeans to live in.

With this in mind, we are inviting Scouts and Leaders countrywide to participate in the 1st Belize Scout Conservation and Income Generating Project being organized as a step towards a healthy and cleaner environment.

This project will involve 500 Scouts and Leaders (MINIMUM) and will include the following activities:

• Participate in placement of dirt bins in communities that are near Protected Reserves

• Plant a tree in a park or place of choice and ensure care and protection until maturity

• Participate in the National Beach and Riverways Cleanup

• Collect 500 Coca Cola plastic bottles, 30 lbs of aluminum cans and 30 lbs of waste paper

(The Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) is donating a total of 43 metal drums that will strategically be mounted near Protected Areas).

Participating Scouts will be required to paint the drums with a green colored paint, paint the names of the participating agencies and mount the drums on special poles provided for this purpose. The Scout Association will provide the materials for this project, thanks to a small grant being provided by PACT for this purpose.

• Plant a tree in a park or place of choice and ensure care and protection until maturity

(The Belize Audubon Society is donating five hundred Mahogany trees towards this project).

Participating Scouts will be expected to plant one tree in any place of their choice but will be required to ensure care and protection for this tree until it reaches maturity.

Depending on the location where the tree will be planted, permission might be required.

• Participate in the National Beach and Riverways Cleanup that the Ocean Conservancy organizes annually (The International Coastal Cleanup).

In Belize, The Scout Association has spearheaded this event for the past thirteen years.  This year The Scout Association and the Belize Bureau of Standards jointly organized this nationwide effort in keeping our beaches and riverways clean of pollutants that endanger human, animal and sea life. 

The participating Scout working towards the Belize Scout Conservation badge actively participate in this one-day effort.

• Collect 500 Coca Cola plastic bottles, 30 lbs of aluminum cans and 30 lbs of waste paper

This part of the project will benefit not only the participating Scout, but his Unit, The Scout Association and the country as well.  Scouts and Leaders will be required to collect a total of five hundred (500) Coca Cola, Sprite or Fanta plastic bottles, 30 pounds of aluminum cans and 30 pounds of waste paper that could include newspapers, books and magazines and loose leaflets, in general terms and type of paper.

This recyclable waste will in turn be sold and the money derived will be split 50% each to the Association and Scout Unit. The 50% that will go to the Association will be placed on a special fund to subsidize the 2010 Cub Scout and Scouts Camps.

The country will also benefit since we will have removed tons of recyclable waste from our environment.

• Adult Leader Participation

An additional requirement for Scout Leaders will be to attend two Environmental Workshops in early 2010. These workshops will be organized by our partner organization the Belize Audubon Society.

For details of Schedule of Project Implementation contact Scout headquarters at 227-2168 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: