February 29, 2016

“Scouts Empowering Females with Leadership Skills”


A “Scouts Empowering Females with Leadership Skills Workshop” was hosted by The Scout Association of Belize at Camp Oakley, Burrell Boom this past weekend from February 26 -28, 2016. This workshop was attended by seventy-two women, ages 14 and above from country wide. The females included Scouts, Girl Guides and interested females from the general public.



                                                                 Group Picture of Workshop Participants


The workshop had a combination of female leadership skills mixed with Scouting skills. Topics included team building and effective communication, domestic violence and dating violence, building positive relationships, conflict resolution and basic conflict mediation skills/tools. The females also learnt Scouting skills of basic knots and lashings, and ways and skills of camping. They applied their knowledge of knots and lashings in building a gadget utilized at camping sites.


                                                                                  Participants in Session

On the final day a panel of five women spoke to the participants about their leadership roles in the Belizean community, sharing the great moments and the challenges they face daily.


Ms. Claudia Groutsche, a counselor and youth leader, led the panel which was composed of Mrs. Esther Ayuso - Architect, Mrs. Marcie Carballo - Supervisor at the Women’s Department, Ms. Anna Carillo - Youth Coordinator at the Belize Family Life Association, Queen’s Scout Aidian Flowers and Ms. Jersha Lennan - President of The Scout Association of Belize. The women participating expressed that the panel inspired and motivated them to follow their dreams, make sound decisions in life, maintain good health, be strong, positive, assertive and self-confident.


The workshop was funded by the Bay One Project implemented by the Women’s Department and was led by the President of The Scout Association of Belize, Ms. Jersha Lennan, who was supported by a team of Leaders and Venture Scouts of the Association.

                                                                                         Panel Discussion

The “Scouts Empowering Females with Leadership Skills Workshop” culminated the February month celebrations of Scouting in Belize for The Scout Association that was held with the theme, “Scouts: Bridging the Gap Today, Garnering Success for Tomorrow”.


                                                            Presentation of Certificates to Participants