Scouts AIM for Scout Headquarters Building

February 9, 2016

President of The Scout Association of Belize Jersha Lennan has set a goal of raising funds to start construction of a Headquarters building for Scouts of Belize. This goal was set at the Annual Meeting of the Scout Assembly held in July of 2015. Immediately after announcing her priority goal as President, several Scout Groups pledged their support by donating $1,000. each towards the building fund.


Today February 1, 2016, we are one step ahead as our first preliminary meeting with Architect Mrs. Esther Ayuso was held at the national Scout office to discuss ideas and plans for the new building.


Architect Mrs. Esther Ayuso, at the request of His Excellency Sir Colville Young, Governor-General of Belize and Patron of Scouts in Belize for assistance in this area, has agreed to assist pro-bono with this project.

Thank you Sir Colville, thank you Mrs. Ayuso. The Scouts of Belize are so grateful for your kind assistance.