trainer john carrillo teaching how to do the square lashing

   Trainer John Carrillo demonstarting the Square Lashing and its uses


The National Program Commission of The Scout Association concluded a six day Course that initiated on January 25 - 27, and June 28 - 30, 2013 for young leaders ages 12 through 16.  Both parts of this Course were held at Camp Oakley, the national training and camping grounds of the Association near Burrell Boom Village. 


 course participants receiving instructions from trainer

                    Course Participants receiving instructions from trainer


The first three days of the Course was designed to give firsthand experience to the young leaders in the area of Leadership Development and included sessions on the Patrol System, the Scout Method, the Scout Law and Promise, the Scout Unit and the Educational Objectives and Educational Activities within the Scout program and leading other young people by example.

 patrol cooking one of the many challenges during training

      Patrol Cooking, one of the many challenges at the course


The second part of this Course was designed to give firsthand experience and practical application to participants and included sessions in Knots and Lashings, Pioneering, Camp Setup, Safe Fire Building and Lighting Techniques, Cooking in Open Fires, Silent Scout Signals, Unit Council Meetings and Flag Etiquette. 

 scouts learn very fast the technic of doing the square lashing

Scouts learn very fast the technic of lashing two spars together with the square lashing


Out of the 47 participants that attended Part I in January, 36 participants returned to complete their training.

 course first-aider attending to patient

                    Course First-Aider attending to minor injuries


On Sunday the participants celebrated with a “Scouts Own” and closing ceremony during which time certificates of completion and the Trained Emblem were presented to them.

scout from garden city scout unit receiving certificate and badge at the completion of the course

  Scout From Garden City receiving her certificate of completion and Trainer Emblem                                                                                                              

scout from ebenezer scout unit receiving certificate and badge at the completion of the course

       Scout from Ebenezer Scout Unit receiving his certificate and Trained Emblem


The Course was directed by Nephtali C. Palma, Program Director for the Association who assisted by other qualified trainers, members of the Capacity Building Team.