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Every year Jaguar Scouts Troop #27 fundraise and purchase what they can for a charity drive.

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“This is an excellent way to provide needy families with some happiness during these thriving times” says Cecilia Flowers, Jaguars Group Scout Leader.

On January 18th, Jaguar Scouts & Ventures met at APL house to nicely put together the food packages, this year was a plus since Mrs. Kelly from Lins Supermarket donated some supplies.


After picking up the food items the Scouts then prepared the packages together with the other items they had already purchased.  All food items were placed in colorful and well decorated baskets.

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The team work with great enthusiasm and coordination and finished preparing the baskets by placing a friendly card in each one.

Scouts were then rewarded with hotdogs and a movie in the Scout Den.


The following day the Jaguar Scouts & Ventures got together in uniform and happily hopped on board a truck for the distribution of the food baskets.

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“Our Town is growing so fast and there are many people who need the kindness of strangers more than ever” commented a Venture Scout when asked why a food drive.


“Therefore, Jaguar Scouts open their hearts and put together the little they have in their pocketbooks to help others” concluded the Venture Scout.

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“It is a time for us to look beyond our own families, especially in these hard economic times, and help those in need” commented another Scout.

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The drive went well and as the food baskets were delivered, the joy and tears on the faces of the recipients said it all.  “This is why we will continue on our annual drive year after year” said Group Leader Cecilia Flowers.

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“Thanks hugely to everyone who donated towards the food drive, it means a lot to us” she conclude.


May God bless you all.


Well Done Jaguar Scouts!!!!..........

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Photos & Article: Courtesy of Cecilia Flowers

February 7, 2013