Scouts from the various Groups around the country took time to participate in the Bishops’ Walk for Peace that was organized by a group of parishioners of St. Martin De Porres in Belize City and held from February 1 through the 13.

scouts leading the walk for peace in the belize district

   Scouts Leading the walk on the outskirts of Belize City


In September of 2012 Bishops Dorrick Wright and Christopher Glancy issued a letter to Catholic schools in Belize to get involved in efforts and initiatives to promote a “Culture of Peace”.  This call was issued especially in light of increased incidence of crime in the country of Belize.


One very creative response by Fr. Matt Ruhi, SJ and coordinated by a group of parishioners of St. Martin De Porres in Belize City was to walk the entire length of the country of Belize - 300 miles.


On February 1 a large group began the 300-mile walk from the Rio Hondo River at the Santa Elena border in the north of the country and made their way through Corozal Town that morning.  Many Scouts from the various Scout Groups joined in the peace walk as it passed through each community.

 peace walkers as the passed the flag monument in belize city

     Peace walkers as the passed the flag monument in Belize City

The days that followed were long and tiresome for the walkers but they continued with vigor and enthusiasm their 13 days journey which ended at the Sarstoon River in the Toledo district.


The walk was used as a “teaching moment” and was aimed at inspiring and raising awareness and reminding Belizeans the role they play in promoting peace.  It also served as a reminder to protect and preserve the beauty of Belize- that it is not to be destroyed.


The participation of hundreds of Scouts and others in this walk served as an inspiration for the role we each play as peace makers in our communities and country Belize.