November 11 is celebrated as Memorial Day in Belize.  On this special day the men and women in Belize who served in World War II in some way or another are remembered and honored at a special Memorial Service held at the Memorial Park in Belize City.

commander brigadiare general dario tapia paying tribute to our dead heroes 

Commander Brigadier-General Dario Tapia paying tribute at the Memorial Monument 


This year it was no different and as usual, there was a large turnout of uniformed organizations in honor and respect of these great heroes.


History has it recorded that in 1939 one thousand and fifteen young men and women throughout the country of Belize volunteered at the request of Her Majesty’s Government to assist the British with the war efforts.  Belize’s men and women stepped forward heroically and contributed positively to the war efforts.


At the end of the war in 1945 some men stayed in England while others returned home.  Today, these men are between 85 to 97 years of age.

scouts at the memorial day service 2012    

    Scouts at the Memorial Day Service on November 11


Although the Scouts had their Annual Planning Conference in Santa Elena, Cayo the same day of the Memorial Service, Scouts and Leaders from the 11th Belize St. Martin’s, 22nd Belize St. Luke and 28th Belize Ebenezer Scout Groups were represented in small numbers at the Memorial.


The Leaders for these Groups actually left the planning conference on Saturday evening to enable them to be back in Belize City for the Memorial Service and so were unable to participate in the social gathering and dinner that was planned for Saturday night.


But what a small sacrifice for our Scout Leaders to pay compared to the sacrifice that these heroes made for all of us to be able to live in peace and harmony today.

 28th belize ebenezer scouts prior to the memorial day service

     Members of the 28th Belize Ebenezer Scout Group


It is with great pride and honor that we recognize the service of these men and women, our heroes, today!!!