August 18, 2012

tony trent rupert  jayden

Tony, Trent, Rupert, and Jayden

Here are a few shots courtesy of Mike Huesner of Belize River Lodge who shared these photos with us.

We want to congratulate all the competitors who showed off their marked improvement in boat handling. This made the race a magnificent spectacle and a big treat for the loyal supporters that shared the moment with us. Keep in mind that this was the first race using the International Optimist Dinghy Association race course, and all performed above expectation. It was a tight race start every time.

accidents will happen august 18 2012

Accidents will happen

Top 3 were Antonio Ricardez (First with sail No. 8), Trent Hardwick (2nd with Sail No. 2) and Darwin (3rd with Sail No. 11). We must also mention Joshua McKenzie who hung in there and tied for 4th with Rupert. I say hung in because the wind hardly got over 5 knots.

sea scout in action august 18 2012

Sea Scouts in Action

The training of the coach, Jorge, certainly showed and we'd like to think that Tony and Trent's participation in the Sea Scout Summer Camp helped prepare them for their training with an expert.

presenting award to winner august 18 2012

Presenting Award to Winner

During the event, you could see the BzSA organizers well up with pride after seeing their hard work yield these results and I might have seen a glint in the veteran sailor’s eyes which may have been tears of joy or just strained eyes because they just couldn't take their eyes off the race. Most importantly, I think the young sailors had fun. Congratulations and Thanks to all who participated and helped!

participants of race august 18 2012

Participants of Race


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