This summer the Santa Elena Jaguar Scouts in conjunction with both the Ascension and St. Paul’s mission youth group of Illinois participated in a “Our God is .....”& a “Thirsty for Jesus” Mission in Belize.

  scouts and volunteersvisitors enjoying market day

  avocado great watermellon juice - ill have two

As the group arrived in Belize they were met and greeted by the Jaguar Scouts.  The first few days they interacted and were introduce to our local culture. Of Course the Jaguar Scouts were their guide, the group visited our local market where they were introduce to our local farmers and our tropical & exotic fruits. They ate all sorts of fruits & local foods such as rice n beans, panades, salbutes, garnaches, pibil just to name a few and of course seasonal fresh squeeze fruit juices.

They also visited Xunantunich Maya Site, Butterfly Farm & Iguana Trail.

 when we are not working we visit places of interestpiggy backride resting after a long day of workshopping for suveniorsjust resting and being cool well should we observe the signtouring xuantunich

On Sunday there was a special service at the Santa Elena Baptist Church where both our visitors and Jaguar Scouts participated in the Sunday school and morning worship service, it was a blessed day.

 meeting with volunteers discussing work plan  

As true Scouts working and sharing with others in our community; on Monday we painted the Santa Elena Baptist Pre -School & the new Primary School, it was hard work especially working under such heat, despite how red and sweaty our poor new friends were we all press on in completion.

 at workpainting awaygirls and paint as well as the boys   

 tired after a hard days work enjoying an ideal  

 helping the elderlyconversing with senior citizenhappy trio   

Noon time there were 2 groups; 1 group assisted with Vacation Bible School from ages 5- 17 while the other group visited the Octavia WaightCenter where they interacted and spend some valuable time with the elders, they enjoyed every moment of this special bounding with the elders.

After an entire week of much service to our beautiful twin towns we took a tour to Calico Jack where they zip line and Mountain Pine Ridge where they visited the Rio Frio Cave & Rio On Pools, it was much excitement that even God was pleased with us, he sent us showers of blessings and it was a time we will never forget.

 adventureadventure and funcaving wet feets at the rio on pools 

We then closed the week off with a farewell ceremony where we shared our gratitude with our new friends from abroad we both leant much from each others, we prayed, sang , dance, ate Wisconsin cheese & brats, we shared gifts and said our good byes with tears in our eyes.

 jaguars scout headquarters welcome all

 prayers before meal amen

However this is not the end for we will continue our efforts in serving our community in making our twin towns of Santa Elena & San Ignacio a better town and as a Scout Group and children of God we will continue Scouting for Belize.