On Wednesday June 27, 2012, Director of Education Jersha Lennan, National Scout Executive Hilberto Riverol, Director of Program Nephtali Palma and Eco-Scouting Commissioner, Ricardo Alcoser attended the school awards ceremony at Holy Redeemer Middle School.  The purpose of their presence at the ceremony was to also present an award.

 holy redeemer middle school awards assembly

                       Holy Redeemer Middle School Assembly


As the ceremony got underway, Principal of the Middle Division had everyone standing as the Belize National Anthem was sung by the gathering, immediately followed with a prayer.

The Scout officials were then called to do the first presentation.  National Scout Executive, Hilberto Riverol addressed the students and teachers of the school saying that it was a most fitting day to recognize students for excellence in their studies and further explained that it was also most fitting that an adult member of their school also be recognized for having completed training within the Scouting program.


He said that everyone present should be proud of the achievement of Principal Fidelia Cuellar who today would receive the Wood Badge Award in Scouting.


Director of Program, Nephtali Palma was called to explain the purpose of the award.  As the Scarve was being presented he said that “Wood Badge started in 1919 when Mr. W. F. MacLaren, a District Commissioner in Scotland, purchased Gilwell Park near London, England, and presented it to the Scout Association as a training center.  We honor him by wearing a patch of the MacLaren hunting tartan upon the neckerchief.”  At this point, Director Lennan presented the Gilwell Scarf to Ms. Cuellar.

presenting gilwell scarve to leader 

             Presenting Gilwell Scarve to Scout Leader

“The Wood Badge, continued Director Plama, is awarded to adult Leaders in Scouting who have completed Advanced Wood Badge training, have had the opportunity to put the training into practice and completed their personal assignment.”  He went on to say that the Wood Badge emblem indicates to others that time and effort has been given to training.  It is a public sign of one’s skills and it should be worn with pride.


Director Lennan then presented the Wood Badge award to Scout Leader Fidelia Cuellar followed by the Wood Badge certificate.

presenting wood badge beads to leader 

     Scout Leader Cuellar Receiving Wood Badge Beads

Scout Leader Cuellar was then congratulated and was officially welcomed as a member of the 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group.

 presenting certificate to leader

                Presenting Certificate to Wood Badger Cuellar

Ms. Cuellar becomes the ninety-second Scout Leader in Belize to receive this award.