flag bearers and torch runners 2

   Flag Bearers and Torch Runners entering the Governor-General's Field

On June 4, 2012, celebrations were held in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries around the world in honor of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. 

beacon commemorating the queens diamond jubilee    

Belize Beacon Sponsored by Belize Natural Energy


Over two thousand beacons shone all over the world, making this the largest beacons lighting in history. 


cecilia flowers - belize beacon coordinator 

  Group Scout Leader Cecilia Flowers - Beacon Coordinator for Belize


In Belize, Cecilia Flowers, Group Scout Leader for the 27th Cayo Jaguars Scout Group, a Leader in Scouting for over 10 years, took up the challenge to organize this event and what a terrific job she did along with the limited help that she had.


chief scout dr. erasmo franklin 

        Chief Scout Dr. Erasmo Franklin


The plan was to organize 60 Scouts to do a torch run ending at the

Governor-General’s Field in Belmopan City, have a grand ceremony to include speeches from some of Belize’s top hierarchy and at exactly 10:00 p.m. on June 4 light the beacon.


The preparations for this historic event included a long list of things to do and included but not limited to, receiving permission from the Governor-General to use the field, having a vibrant and dynamic Master of Ceremony, asking the Fire Service for permission to light the beacon and safety during the lighting of the beacon, enlisting personnel, requesting Belize Natural Energy to construct a special beacon to suit the occasion, requesting donations from the business community to support the event, requesting permission and support from the Mayor of Belmopan, requesting the support of the Belize Defence Force band to play both the Belize and the British National Anthems and the 60 gun salute, permission from the police to conduct the fireworks and security the night of the event and much, much more went into the program.  In general, the idea was to build on the support that Scouting already receives and also increase the visibility of our active Scouting program.


dr. rene villanueva 

Dr. Rene Villanueva - Master of Ceremony


And so it was that on the night of the event, the Master of Ceremony, Dr. Rene Villanueva opened the ceremony with his vibrant and appealing voice and welcomed everyone to the historic event commemorating the 60 years of Her Majesty on the throne.  Mr. Justo Castillo, a lay minister of Belmopan, said the opening prayer.


actg. governor-general mr. carlos perdomo 

    Actg. Governor General - Mr. Carlos Perdomo


Guest speakers included Mr. Carlos Perdomo, Actg. Governor-General, (Sir Colville was in London attending the official ceremony), Mr. Simeon Lopez, His Worship the Lord Mayor of Belmopan City, His Excellency Mr. Patrick Ashworth, British High Commissioner, Chief Scout of Belize, Dr. Erasmo Franklin.  They all gave dynamic speeches and soon it was time for the torch runners to arrive.


his worship the mayor simeon lopez 

   His Worship the Mayor Simeon Lopez


It was a spectacular arrival and as the flag bearers along with the 60 Scouts torch runners formed a guard of honor, the Actg. Governor-General and entourage of other invited guests walked in between and headed towards the beacon.  Once there, they were all equipped with hardhats and Mr. Perdomo was instructed to light the beacon.  The specially designed beacon was lit by pulling on a lever strategically built on the beacon by engineers of Belize Natural Energy and so it came to pass that Belize formed part of the over 2000 beacons that were lit on the occasion of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


british high commissioner he patrick ashworth 

   British High Commissioner HE Hon. Patrick Ashworth


The 60 gun salute was heard miles away and the fireworks was seen as far as Blackman Eddy Village. 


bdf 60 gun salute 

              Belize Defence Force 60 Gun Salute


Entertainment followed as the Paneriffix Steel Band and the Dream Marching Band performed with great enthusiasm and energy.


dream band entertaining              Dream Marching Band Entertaining the Crowd 


Food and drinks were served and a special commemorative badge was issued to everyone attending the event.


bne beacon banner 

                     Belize Natural Energy Beacon Banner


The vote of thanks was delivered by Group Scout Leader Cecilia Flowers who thanked everyone who contributed in some way in making the event a success.


The Scout Association presented a specially designed plaque to Cecilia in recognition of her hard work and dedication in organizing this national event.