participants helpers and trainers

          Particpants, helpers and trainers at the conclusion of the course


Cub Scout and Scout Leaders from the Corozal, Belize and Cayo districts completed a four-day training course on the use and implementation of the training handbooks for Leaders of the Cub Scout and Scout Sections.  The four-day training was held at the Belmopan Comprehensive School on April 21 & 22 and May 26 & 27, 2012.

jersha with glenise 

     Director Lennan presenting certificate to Scout Leader Glenise Williams

Published in 1998 by the Interamerican Scout Office as part of the development strategy for the region and the Methodology for the Continuous Update of the Scout Program (MACPRO), these handbooks have been used in training in Belize since October 17, 2004 when the Cub Scout Leaders were first introduced to the Handbook.

vivianni teul     

   Vivianni Teul, actg. training commissioner reviewing session before presenting

These handbooks used as guides in the training of Cub Scouts and Scouts are geared to provide a concrete educational tool based on a solid theoretical approach.  The content, language and style of these books are designed to encourage the Leader to think long and hard about what it means to educate children. 


They are designed to highlight the importance of contributing to the development of all the dimensions of a child’s and adolescent’s personalities.  It explains a non-confrontational, non-formal educational process, which makes the most of the special time available in leisure time.

participants practiced knots tying

 Scout Leader Lennox Flowers and others practiced basic knots during sessions

Mrs. Alma Eiley, a retired member of the National Training Team of the Association, was a prominent participant during the revision of the work in English and its adoption to the situation of the Caribbean Scout Associations that was carried out at a Seminar held at Gilwell Park, London, England in 1998.


At the conclusion of the course on Sunday May 27, 2012, Director of Education, Jersha Lennan presented certificates of completion to all thirteen (13) participants who completed the course.

 president harrison during his presentation

    Scout President Roberto Harrison presenting during course             

All sessions during the four-day course were presented by members of the National Capacity Building Team which is made up from a core of qualified trainers from around the country.


Course Participants and Trainers:




  1. Lucia Cituk                               -        13th Corozal St. Francis Xavier Cub Pack
  2. Carlos Itzab                             -        4th Corozal Paraiso Government Cub Pack
  3. Sayuri Quan                             -        6th Corozal Methodist Cub Pack
  4. Glenise Williams                       -        5th Cayo OLOG RC Scout Unit
  5. Sherlette Day                          -        5th Cayo OLOG RC Scout Unit
  6. Madlene Coleman                     -        5th Cayo OLOG RC Cub Scout Pack
  7. Lennox Flowers                        -        11th Belize St. Martins Scout Unit
  8. Bri Kimberly Hamilton              -        11th Belize St. Martins Scout Unit
  9. Kyron Bennett                        -        11th Belize St. Martins Cub Scout Pack

10. Jermaine Santos                     -        11th Belize St. Martins Cub Scout Pack

11.  Virginia Mendez                     -        11th Belize St. Martins Cub Scout Pack

12. Darwin Wesby                 -        22nd Belize St. Luke Scout Unit

13. Jaialai Dawson                 -        28th Belize Ebenezer Scout Unit




  1. Roberto Harrison                -                  President
  2. Hilberto B. Riverol              -                  National Scout Executive
  3. Vivianni Teul                    -                  Training Commissioner
  4. Jersha Lennan                 -                  Director of Education
  5. Randolph Johnson            -                  Director of Operations
  6. Patrick Thompson            -                  National Scout Commissioner
  7. Ricardo N. Alcoser           -                  Field Execut/Eco Scouting Director
  8. Nephtali C. Palma             -                  Field Executive/Director of Program
  9. John Carrillo                   -                  Trainer