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While an increase in crime was visible during this past weekend in Belize City, 16 new adult volunteer leaders in Scouting from the Corozal, Belize  and Cayo districts were busy learning what Scouting is all about.  The two day course which started on Saturday April 21, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. was held at the Belmopan Comprehensive School. 

By 7:00 am on Saturday morning, Director of Education Jersha Lennan and her team of six trainers were busy setting up projectors, flip charts and setting up displays in preparation for the first sessions.


The main objective of the Course was to introduce the new Handbook for Leaders of the Cub Scout and Scout Section to the new leaders so that they can then implement the Scout youth program efficiently and effectively.  This part of training is also a pre-requisite to attending Advanced Leadership training (Advanced Wood Badge Course) which is normally held in August each year.

 scout ledaers in session

                Scout Leaders in session

Director of Education, Jersha Lennan began her first session which dealt with young people ages 11 through 15 and included: 1) Basic Concepts - Adolescence, a Stage of Growth and of Personal Progress; 2) The Main Development Tasks Between the Ages of 11 and 15; 3) A profile of Girls and Boys by Dimensions of the Personality; 4) Other Aspects of Young People During This Age.


Sessions presented by other Trainers in both Scout sections included:

The Scout Section                                   The Cub Scout Section


  1. The Elements of the Scout Method     1)  Boys and Girls ages 7 through 11
  2. The Scout Patrol                                2)  Group Life in the Pack
  3. The Scout Unit                                   3)  Team System
  4. The Scout Law and Promise                 4)  The Role of the Cub Scout Leader
  5. The Role of the Scout Leader             5)  The Educational Proposal of Scouting
  6. Symbolic Framework                           6)  The Cub Scout Promise and Law
  7. The Educational Objectives


Participants at the Course were as follows:


Skipworth Coleman – 27th Cayo Jaguars Scout Unit

Glenise Williams – 5th Cayo Our Lady of Guadalupe Scout Unit

Lucia Luk – 5th Cayo Our Lady of Guadalupe Scout Unit

Sherlett Day - 5th Cayo Our lady of Guadalupe Scout Unit

Madlene Coleman – 5th Cayo Our Lady of Guadalupe Scout Unit

Ide Sosa-Mckoy – 5th Cayo Our Lady of Guadalupe Cub Scout Pack

Lucia Cituk – 13th Corozal St. Francis Xavier Cub Scout Pack

Carlos Itzab – 4th Corozal Paraiso Government Cub Scout Pack

Sayuri Quan – 6th Corozal Methodist Cub Scout Pack

Virginia Mendez – 11th Belize St. Martins Cub Scout Pack

Kyron Bennett – 11th Belize St. Martins Cub Scout Pack

Jermaine Santos - 11th Belize St. Martins Cub Scout Pack

Lennox Flowers - 11th Belize St. Martins Scout Unit

Bri Kimberly Hamilton - 11th Belize St. Martins Scout Unit

Darwin Wesby – 22nd Belize St. Luke Scout Unit

Jaialai Dawson – 28th Belize Ebenezer Scout Unit

              meet the cub scout leaders

                          Meet the Cub Scout Leaders

As the training came to a close, Director of Education Jersha Lennan CONGRATULATED the participants for attending the Course and reminded them that they are one step away from Advanced Wood badge Training.

         meet the scout leaders

                            Meet the Scout Leaders

The National Capacity Building Team of The Scout Association of Belize is made up of Qualified Trained Leaders from all sections of Scouting and is responsible for providing updated training to all adult members of The Scout Association.

         meet the trainers

                                              Meet the Trainers