belize cub scouts with avatar organizers

Belize Cub Scouts with Avatar organizers.  The Cub Scouts had lots of fun and learned new things and made many new friends 


The 6th Central American Cub Scout Encounter took place in Itzaru, Costa Rica from March 31st to April 4th, 2012.  This five day event catered for boys and girls ages 7 through 11 from all Central American countries and included the participation of Curacao and Mexico. The Belize delegation included two Cub Scouts from Belize City, one from Corozal and one from Toledo.  They were accompanied by four Cub Scout Leaders, one parent and the Director of Education, Jersha Lennan as the Delegation Leader.


belize cub scouts participating in a challenging event 

              Belize Cub Scout participating in challenging activity

The purpose of the event was to provide educational activities to Cub Scouts under the team “AVATAR”. Such as seen in the movie, here the children discovered a new world of people whose focus was on the protection of our trees and forestation, conservation of life, energy and water and the preservation of nature and cultures across the land and world.  The activities were divided into five sections, air, earth/land, water, community and expounded on social living through friendly practices, impressing that no matter the country or culture, nature can be conserved and preserved for the survival and growth of all living things with the aid of human beings.


belize display all kinds of local sweets

      Belize displays all kinds of local sweets and information on Belize

Delegations from all Central American countries participated in the inauguration ceremony under the moonlight where each country was introduced and their national anthems were sung as their respective flags flew.  The second day entailed a colorful display of each countries touristic offering, including brochures, posters, clothing, souvenirs and cultural food to also share with those participating and visiting the camp site.  The Cub Scouts shared a little of their Belizean heritage during the culture night program.  The next two days was a round robin of activities at the different sections: air, water, land and community living. The final day entailed a field trip to an amusement park, where the children swam in a pool, zip-lined, rode motorcycles, climbed rocks, ate freely and spent leisure time having fun and playing games under the guidance of their leaders.  Food served throughout the camp included the traditional dishes of Costa Rica entailing mostly white rice, with fried or stewed beans (Gallo Pinto), vegetables and various types of meat: chicken, fish, beef and pork. The children were entertained by the Costa Rican Dance group and personalities who engaged them in song, storytelling and dancing.


cub scouts at camp

                     Belize Cub Scouts at their camping grounds

Cub scouts attending the event expressed that they enjoyed the educational games and the opportunity to visit a new country and experience a different world and culture.  They particularly enjoyed meeting and making new friends and interacting in the exchange of badges and gifts with the other countries.  They learnt new songs and were able to adapt and communicate in Spanish despite the language barrier.  The country of Costa Rica was extremely cold and the camping site was mountainous, taking us on adventures of great heights and living among the clouds and heavy dew for the five days.  


the belize leaders

                       The Belize Leaders at Camp

The delegation was happy to return home to our warm, sunny weather.  All in all, it was an educational and adventurous experience that the Cub Scouts and leaders from Belize will not forget in a lifetime.


the belize delegation

The Belize delegation before departure to Costa Rica

Ms. Cynthia Rene is missing in action