scout detachment at the national heroes and benefactors day wreath laying ceremony

   Scout Detachment at the National Heroes & Benefactors Day 2012

The sun rose at 5:56 am on Monday March 12th and it was apparent that the day would turn out well for everyone to enjoy since this particular day was a public and bank holiday as Belize celebrated National Heroes and Benefactors Day 2012.


Time went by and soon enough it was 7:30 am and Cub Scouts, Scouts and adult Leaders from the various Scout Groups in Belize City started to assemble by the tomb of Barron Bliss, Belize’s greatest benefactor.  The Scouts were assembling to participate in the Guard of Honor mounted in connection with the Wreath Laying Ceremony commemorating National Heroes and Benefactors Day 2012.


The morning was sunny and beautiful and the Scouts and other uniformed organizations started to assemble in formation awaiting the arrival of the dignitaries and the Governor-General of Belize, Sir Colville N. Young who is also the Patron of Scouts in Belize.


Upon the arrival of His Excellency the Governor-General, the parade was brought to attention and the Belize National Anthem was played.  The Scouts looked smart in their uniforms while saluting during the playing of the Anthem.


sir colville n. young governor-general inspecting the guard of honor

  Governor General Sir Colville N. Young Inspecting Guard of Honor

Immediately after, the Governor-General conducted the inspection of the Guard of Honor and while going through the ranks of the Scouts he graciously stopped and greeted a Cub Scout with a firm left handshake.


Following the inspection, a tribute to Baron Bliss was read, followed by other presentations honoring two of Belize great heroes, the Right Honorable George Price and the Honorable Phillip Goldson.

scout leaders holding wreaths during ceremony 

        Scout Leaders Holding Wreaths During Ceremony

Wreaths were also placed on the tomb of Baron Bliss by His Excellency, Sir Colville Young and Mr. Joseph Waight who placed the wreath on behalf of the Prime Minister of Belize, The Right Honorable Dean Oliver Barrow.

visiting scouts from corozal with chief scout 

   Visiting Scout Leaders from Corozal with Chief Scout Dr. Erasmo Franklin

Chief Scout Dr. Erasmo Franklin also attended the ceremony and was greeted by Sir Colville during a special period set aside by the Governor-General to greet invited guests.


After the ceremony, Scouts were treated to juice and snack pack.

 6th corozal methodist leaders

     Leaders - 6th Corozal Methodist Scout Group

This year was very special for the Scouts since a delegation of adult Leaders from Corozal traveled to Belize city to participate in this annual memorable event


Baron Bliss has been termed as “Belize’s biggest benefactor”, “a great humanist”, “a man of vision”, “a remarkable nobleman”.  A Judge Rowlatt of the King’s Bench of the High Court of Justice, on the 11th March, 1929 described him as, “a very remarkable and unfortunate man, the latter part of whose life was spent under sad and unusual circumstances.”  Yet Baron Bliss stated in his will, “I have enjoyed my life, never experiencing an unhappy day.  I hope to die happy.”