cynthis henkis     lucia cituk     teresita oliver 

 Cynthia Henkis                                     Lucia Cituk                                      Teresita Oliver

March 2012 is being observed in Belize as International Women’s Month with the theme “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures”


 Each year during the month of March in Belize, the Women’s Department recognizes the achievements of women in all facets of society - family and community, science, government, literature, art, sports, business, medicine - and celebrates the contributions of women to our development.  It must be noted that first and foremost, women support our nations as wives, mothers, grandmothers and caregivers and women make up almost half the labor force in Belize. 

 This year’s program of events include: an annual bike rally, a Health and Wellness Open Day, to even a cosmetology make-over for female inmates at the Belize Central Prison and much more.

The Scout Association of Belize joins Belize in CONGRATULATING all women in Belize and takes this opportunity to salute and recognize the valuable work that women also do within the Scout program in Belize, now and in the past.  Women also make up half the volunteer force in Scouting and we find it most fitting to recognize their contribution to this cause.

Congratulations to all women in Belize.

adela chan mystry kimberly murray

Adela Chan                          Mystry Palacio                Kim and daughter

 ida bennett  dorla antonia  cynthia  claire 

Ida Bennett                   Dorla Antonio                  Cynthia and Claire

lizzette ordonez    jean noralez    martha sosa         

 Lizzette Ordonez                     Jean Noralez                      Martha Sosa

neyra castillo   lilia requena   miriam rivera  

Neyra Castillo                       Lilia Requena                Miriam Rivera 

lisa gideon     brenda hall     lucy lisbey

Lisa Gideon                 Brenda Hall                       Lucy Lisbey 

marilyn dawson     fidelia cuellar     ada chan

 Marilyn Dawson                     Fidelia Cuellar                             Ada Chan

verna pinelo   bernadette chuc   janet leal

          Verna Pinelo                    Bernadette Chuc                   Janet Leal

auxiliadora mendez   claire czepyha   teresita grajalez   

  Auxiliadora Mendez                Claire Czephya                  Teresita Grajalez 

guellermina mendez   sonia bennett    cynthia robateu  imogene williams

 Guellerminia Mendez                     Sonia Bennett                           Cynthia and Imogene        

judith reyes   maureen thomas   velda arzu   

 Judith Reyes                             Maureen Thomas                    Velda Arzu 

yasmin hulse    sayuri quan    jersha lennan 

 Yasmin Hulse                       Sayuri Quan                      Jersha Lennan

jemma palacio    alma eiley    imogene williams 

Jemma Palacio                           Alma Eiley                         Imogene Williams 

henrietta gill    solangel murray  amalia ford    kamila majil 

 Henrietta Gill                               Solangel and Amalia                         Camila Majil

alexandria smith    xany ruiz    glennis williams  

Alexandria Smith                         Xani Ruiz                         Glennis Williams 

sayuri quan  lucia cituk maria dorris sabal

 Sayuri and Lucia                               Maria Smith                       Doris Sabal

eunice nunez    lucia luk    victoria burgos

 Eunice Nunez                        Lucia Luk                        Victoria Burgos

lourdes blease    juanita bailey    cecilai flowers

 Lourdes Blease                       Juanita Bailey                      Cecilia Flowers

   carmen novelo    dorita cal    carollee palma 

 Carmen Novelo                             Dorita Cal                                    Carolee Palma