leaders at assembly meeting in toledo

     Members of the Toledo District Scout Assembly

On Saturday April 9, 2011, members of the Toledo District Scout Assembly met at the Punta Gorda Methodist School to hold elections for the District Assembly and Commissioners.  Those elected are as follows:


  • Mr. Francisco Cal - District Commissioner
  • Ms. Modesta Palacio - Assistant District Commissioner 


Both Francisco Cal and Modesta Palacio work at the Toledo District Education Office. 


Elections for the District Assembly resulted as follows:


  • Chairman - Mr. Martin Palma, 16th Toledo Corazon Scout Unit - elected to serve another term as Chairman
  • Secretary - Mrs. Dorita Cal, 14th Toledo Santa Cruz Cub Scout Pack
  • Treasurer - Mr. Sebanias Choc,17th Toledo Corazon High School Scout Unit
  • Public Relations - Mr. Kevin Zuniga, 1st Toledo St. Peter Claver Cub Pack


All groups in Toledo were represented and shared concerns and other views affecting their district.  Mr. Martin Palma chaired the meeting.


The District Assembly Meeting is held once a month and is led by the District Assembly Chairman.  Its purpose is to:


  • Safeguard and encourage the Movement within the District with the independence and initiative of the Groups;
  • disseminate information relevant and of concern to the District and plan for appropriate action to be undertaken;
  • conduct informal training at each meeting relevant to the Section Leaders’ needs


Mr. Cal is a trained Scout Leader and has been awarded the Wood Badge.  He is originally from San Jose Village, Toledo where he worked as a Teacher and volunteered as a Scout Leader with the 2nd Toledo San Jose Scout Group.  As part of his plan for the district he will focus mainly on training of new Leaders and ensuring that all groups continue to grow and maintain standards as expected by the Scout Association of Belize. 

toledo chairman presenting statistics on membership

   Toledo District Chairman Presenting District Statistics

We wish the new Toledo District Assembly and it’s newly elected Commissioners a good year in Scouting and success in future activities that will assist in developing and strengthening Scouting in Toledo.