Scout Week 2011 is being celebrated from February 16 - 22, 2011 commemorating the birthday on February 22 of Lord Baden-Powell, the Founder of the Scout Movement.  The theme for this year is “One Promise - The Challenge Continues”.

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A full week of activities has been planned which include awareness day, campfire night, community service, a joint Scouts and Girl Guides Ecumenical Service, community entertainment evening and uniform awareness day (the week's program can be viewed at the calendar of events).


The Scout Association is also celebrating this year one hundred years of Scouting in Belize and will be conducting a number of activities in commemoration of this achievement as follows:


  • National Scout Fair
  • Centenary Scout Camp
  • Recognition Banquet
  • Centenary Scout Olympiad


The Local Association of Boy Scouts of British Honduras was registered on October 6, 1911.


In a televised and radio message, Sir Colville Young, Governor-General of Belize and the Patron of Scouts in Belize on Wednesday February 16, declared Scout Week and the Centenary celebrations open.  His full message is also available on this site.


Scouting’s Mission is to contribute to the total development of young people through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law in order that they may take a constructive role in society.


Scouting’s principles are that man must, to the best of his ability, love and serve GOD, respect and act in accordance with the human dignity and rights of individuals, and recognize the obligation on him/herself to develop and maintain his/her potential.


The Scout program in Belize is recognized by the Ministry of Education as a non-formal educational program complementary to the school and home and which aims at providing Primary Education programs that build character; (the four selves:  self-reliance, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-respect);  fosters citizenship, duty, obligation and privileges within community leadership, service, elections, majority decisions, history, public service and love of country and cultures; develops fitness:  physical - diet, sleep, doing the best within capabilities; mental – brainpower, curious, alert, challenges; emotional – balance and stability, self-control; moral – right and wrong, heart and mind “morally straight” and courage.


The Scout Association of Belize has a membership countrywide of over 2000 boys and girls and young women and men ages 7 through 21.


These age groups serve 7 - 11 Cub Scouts, 11 - 15 Scouts and 11 - 21 Venture Scouts.  Male and female adult volunteers guide each Section.

Celebrating 100 years of Scouting in Belize

1911 - 2011

One Promise

The Challenge Continues