October 26, 2017


The Scouts of Belize will have a new Chief Scout. At the 30th Annual General Meeting of the National Scout Assembly of The Scout Association held on July 22, 2017, Chief Scout Roberto Harrison announced that he will be unable to complete his term as Chief Scout since he has taken a new job offer that will take him out of the country.


 Since then the National Scout Committee has been busy identifying a new Chief Scout and after consultation with His Excellency the Governor-General of Belize, Sir Colville N. Young who is the Patron of Scouts, it has been agreed that the Association proceed in appointing its new Chief Scout. 


Captain Eric Neal will be the new Chief Scout of Belize for the next three years effective November 4, 2017 at which time he will receive his certificate of appointment upon the re-affirmation of his Scout Promise.


As a young student at Holy Redeemer Primary School, Eric Neal joined the 1st Belize Holy Redeemer Scout Group and attended numerous camps and training courses.


The Scout Association of Belize welcomes its new Chief Scout who is seen as a new driving force towards increased programs and membership.