Saturday September 30, 2017



On Saturday September 30, 2017 despite the heavy rain countrywide, hundreds of volunteers from throughout the country came out with their respective groups to be a part of the National Coastal and Riverways Cleanup 2017.


The Cleanup is part of Ocean Conservancy’s larger strategy for Trash Free Seas and is one of the many ways the organization is helping find answers and solutions for marine debris.




Every year we receive assistance through the donations of garbage bags and gloves from our sponsoring businesses that accept the challenge and take part in this effort to help our environment, specifically, our coastline and waterways.  Once again this year Coca Cola Belize sponsored water, juice and soft drinks.  Oceana also partnered with us through their Wavemakers throughout the country.




We want to say a big Thank You to all the volunteers who came out and made the effort a worthy one. We hope that next year will be no different and more groups join this National effort for cleaner and safer waters for Marine Life and us to enjoy.