August 6, 2017




Venture Scouts of Belize hosted their first Venture Scout Camp from August 4 - 6, 2017. The symbolic framework was focused on for the Knights of the Round Table.  Sir Galahad, Sir Percival, Lady Morgana, and Sir Lancelot. King Arthur himself was present as he gave the Knights courage for the weekend in the different activities they had to complete with their fellow clans.





The weekend started off at the Burrell Boom junction where Venture Scouts where selected and placed into different Clans for the weekend. The Clans then hiked form the Boom junction into the village where they had to gather interesting facts about the village; thereafter, they ended at Camp Oakley.





Throughout the weekend the clans competed in different games such as Archery, Rifle Shooting and Argolla India. In the night the Clans meet at the round table where the discussed the different events that had occur and identify areas where they can improve their clan.





The last day of the camp King Author hosted the final test for the Clans which was known as  “Champions of Clans”  where by each Clan had to compete among each in different obstacles presented by the Kings and his fellow trusted knights.





At the end of the Challenge Sir Percival was the Clan that was able to complete the different task the fastest and were declared the winners.



Congrats to Sir Percival Clan for their outstanding participation in the activities and also to all the follow knights for having courage and determination to complete the task.




The weekend was fun and educational for all the Venture Scouts in attendance.


 Contributed by: Ashton Nicholas - Venture Scout Leader