June 11, 2017

On Sunday June 11, 2017 the Belize Delegation returned from Cancun with Victory on their belt. Two teams from Belize were able to participate in the 3rd Edition “Carrera de Relevo las 24 Horas de Cancun”


Team 1 consist of Fernando Oliva, Jahid Dawson, Iris Campos, Daniel Middleton, Benedicto Chiac and Lennisha Flowers.

Team 2 consist of Ashton Nicholas, Faith Myers, Aaron Pook, Eliza Manzanares, Immer Campos and Imani Flowers.

Each Member of the Team had to run 10 laps and the cycle continued until the event time of 24 hours expired.

At the end of the event Team 1 completed a total run of 150 km and Team 2 completed a total run of 158 km. Team 2 placed 3rd and Team 1 placed 4th. Team 2 received a Gold Medal and a Trip to return back to Cancun to visit the Dolphin Park. Team 1 received gold Medals.

The “Carrera de Relevo las 24 Horas de Cancun”, is a race in benefit of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness in the participants and the general public at large on the importance of a developing society based on culture and peace and to raise funds that go directly to the UN Refugee Agency.

Congrats to all the participants for the hard work and dedication for this year’s “Carrera de Relevo las 24 Hours De Cancun”.   It is not an easy challenge to run for 24 hours but you did it. Job well done.

Contributed by Ashton Nicholas - Venture Scout Leader