May 7, 2017

Basic I Course

Basic I training was held on May 5 & 6, 2017 in Corozal Town for Adult Volunteer leaders from the Cayo, Belize and Corozal Districts. The course is designed to provide basic skills needed to the Unit/Pack Leaders so that he or she may carry out his or her responsibilities efficiently and in a timely manner.


The method followed during the course was essentially active and consisted of the following:

  • Brief, concrete, lively and attractive presentations
  • Exercises and practical activities for the participants
  • Precise and graphic support material for the session leader and back-up material for the participants
  • Audiovisual material in the more standardized aspect

The Course content include:

Day I

  • Registration Procedure
  • Six/Patrol System
  • Six/Patrol Leaders Council
  • The Training Scheme, Badges/Awards

Day II

  • Program Planning
  • Use of advancement booklets
  • Record Keeping