March 14, 2017

Michael Paredes working towards His Venture Scout Award in a Foreign Country


Michael Paredes is currently studying in Singapore, but this has not stopped him in continuing his Scouting adventure. He has been actively involved in several areas leading to the Venture Scout Award and today he is working on his expedition in a foreign country, Hong Kong.

Michael submitted his plan for the challenge Adventure which consisted of the following areas:

4 days of service at a local dog shelter “Sai Kung Stray Friends”

3 days of trekking

2 nights camping

We are proud of Michael and wish him the best as he continues to strive for excellence.

Michael used his Belize  National Scarf and is indeed doing his adventure activity in a foreign country to qualify for his Venture Award which he submitted before going on his expedition. Look out for his report on Facebook when he completes his challenge adventure. ⚜ A true Scout in action!