February 7, 2017



A meeting was held at the Corozal Methodist School Auditorium on Tuesday February 7, 2017. Leaders from the various Scout Groups from the Corozal District were in attendance, namely 6th Corozal Methodist, 11th Corozal Mary Hill and 19th Corozal Louisville RC.

The purpose of the meeting was to present Warrants to the Leaders of the different Scout Groups and to have elections for a new District Scout Assembly. Following the presentation of Warrants, District Scout Commissioner for the Corozal District Everaldo Puck immediately called for the establishment of the Corozal District Scout Assembly.  At the conclusion of the process, the following Leaders were elected to office:


Ovid Rancharan - Chairman

Secretary - Melissa Massam

Treasurer - Eliza Manzanares

Member - Gwendolyn Monima

Member - Lucia Cituk


The District Scout Assembly exists to support Scouting in the District. Under the chairmanship of the District Chairman, it must hold an Annual General Meeting in March or as soon as possible thereafter each year.


Present for the elections were Hilberto B. Riverol, Executive Director for The Scout Association and Alejandro Tovar, Institutional Development and Communications Director.


Congratulations Corozal Scouts!