June 27, 2016

Rev. William Altimon Faux - the Scout, Funeral Procession.


Scouts on the march leading the funeral in routh to the church where a special service in memory of Rev. William Altimon Faux - the Scout was held. The rain did not stop the Scouts from participating as they prepared to bid their last good bye to a giant in Scouting.



                                            Rev. William Altimon Faux Sr. RIP

The Scouting William

At the tender age of nine years, a boy by the name of William Faux joined the Scout Movement as a Wolf Cub. One year later, upon reaching Scout age, he moved into the Scout Troop and remained active for six years when again upon reaching the Senior Scout age he moved into the Senior Section where he was actively involved for four years. Rev. Fax recalls those days with much passion as he relates the values learned through those formative years of his life.


It is for this reason that he recalled his desire to become a Leader to pass on his experience to young boys, so in 1955 while living in Stann Creek as it was called back then, he had his first taste of leadership. It was at the Methodist School that he served as Scout Master for five years and only because of his transfer to another school that he gave up this post. But his passion to pass on the values to more young persons spurred him to immediately organize another Scout Troop in the village of Sittee River, which he ran for four years.


He was then transferred to Belize City at Wesley School and without hesitation he started the process to formally establish a Scout Troop. In 1964 he received his first official Warrant as Assistant Scout Master for the Wesley Troop and in 1967 became the Scout Master. His performance was extraordinary and membership had grown so that in 1980 he was warranted Group Scout Leader. He served in that capacity for two years during which time he made the 4th Belize Wesley Scout Group one of the most active and largest Groups in the country.


In 1982 during the peak of his service as a Group Scout Leader he was invited to join the National Scout Council as Deputy Chief Commissioner and served well for two years when in 1984 he was asked to organize and head the National Training Team, and so it was that the National Training Team was officially established. In early 1985 Mr. Faux completed Advanced Wood Badge training in Honduras and that same year he participated in the first ever Level I Assistant Leader Trainers Course held in Belize under his stewardship. Again that same year he attended a Level II Train the Trainers Course held in Mexico City. He was appointed Assistant Leader Trainer in 1987 and Leader Trainer in 1991.


For his commitment to training and having completed his training ticket he was awarded the Wood Badge in 1988. He was awarded the Medal of Merit for Good Service in 1987, the Silver Acorn for Special Distinguished Service in 1989, the Chief Scout Commendation for Good Service in 1990, the Long Service Decoration in 1990 and in 1995 he was awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn for further distinguished service. In 2002 Rev. Faux received the President’s Award for his exemplary and invaluable dedication and service to Scouting.


Prior to his death, Rev. Fax resided in the Stann Creek Valley having retired after serving for numerous years as Priest for the Methodist Parish.


Rev. Faux was married to the late Shelmadine Faux and were the proud parents of six children - four boys and two girls.


Rev. Faux dedicated many years of his life to Scouting without expecting anything in return. For his exemplary and invaluable dedication and service to Scouting, we salute him with deep respect and high regard.  Rest in Peace our beloved Scout brother.