June 14, 2016


On Saturday June 14, 2016 a delegation of 11 Venture Scouts represented The Scout Association of Belize in their first appearance at the “Carrera las 24 horas de Cancun”,  an organized race to raise funds for the United Nations Agency for Refugees (children) on the occasion of World Refugee Day "Running for a Better World".  The team was excited and ready to take on the challenge presented to them.


Upon arrival the delegation was organized in two groups consisting of five members. Each individual on the team had to run ten laps around the running track until they had completed the chart given. The team was determined to complete as much as they could within the given 24 hours.


The event started at 8:00 am on Saturday and finished 8:00 am Sunday. As the first day progressed the Venture Scouts kept up with the pace of the other team, ensuring that they remained hydrated and had their meals on time.

The team was supportive of each other and kept pushing each other to strive for excellence even when it felt unbearable and as the time progressed the team became weary and felt like giving up but as Scouts they kept hanging in there and did their best.

As the results were tallied on Sunday morning it showed that our team had completed 5 sections of 10 laps which was 128 Km. The team ran a total of 90 miles in 24 hours. It was the first time running this distance for some of the younger Venture Scouts but it was an accomplishment for the entire team. With all the pain and aches which the Venture Scouts endured during the race, the consensus was that it was an accomplishment and more importantly, it was for a worthy cause.

It made us all feel proud to represent our country BELIZE to the best of our ability.

Submitted by Ashton Nicholas Wednesday June 22, 2016