April 5, 2016

Refurbished Training Pavilion at Camp Oakley

The Scout Association of Belize now boasts a newly refurbished training pavilion at Camp Oakley, thanks to Scouts Canada 123rd Ottawa Venturer Company and the Scout Canada Friendship Fund.



The nine Venture Scouts from Ottawa and their three adult Leaders along with a few Venture Scouts and Leaders from Belize worked tirelessly for four days replacing the roof and screening the 18’ x 32’ structure which was in dire need of repairs.



Training Pavilion before refurbishment

The Canadian Venturers could be seen enduring the hot weather at Camp Oakley but determined they were to complete the work in time for the rededication ceremony that was planned for Friday March 18, 2016.



Canadian Venturers placing the roof on the Pavilion

From buying the materials to repairing the pavilion, the Venture Scouts never once stopped to think that it was hard work being exposed to the heat of the sun for six to eight hours a day.


 Buying the building material in Belize City 


And after four days of hard labor and determination to complete the job, it was time to just sit back and take a picture of the end result.



The Canadian Scouts proudly show off their accomplishment

Training Pavilion after being refurbished

The training pavilion was also fitted with LED lights and electrical outlets as an extra treat for those who will be using the pavilion during the next training course.

We say a big thank you to the 123rd Ottawa Venturer Company and the Scout Canada Friendship Fund for making this project a reality. And to the Belize Venture Scouts and Leaders who were a part of the team, a hearty thank you as well.